Get ready to experience

The best internet possible

There is really no reason why you shouldn’t have the internet speeds you want. So we decided to give it to you. Whether it’s working from home, gaming or streaming your favorite show you can do it to your heart's content. We offer only two speeds, fast, and faster than you probably need.

What is Snip?

We built our network differently than our competition. Instead of using the old copper and coax cable networks built decades ago and trying to milk every last nickel out of it, we took our experience at running carrier grade networks to build a better one. Our network allows us to provide speeds 10 to 100 times faster than your current provider. By providing our service over an all fiber network built directly into your building we can offer you the fastest most reliable service available.

Up to 100 times faster

than your current provider

We are based here in Cleveland providing service in and around downtown, Lakewood and University Circle. Our team has decades of experience running networks and are dedicated to providing the best customer experience available.

What do you usually do?
Standard Connection

We will bring the internet to you and provide the ability to directly connect at 100 Megabit or 1 Gigabit speeds through the existing wiring in your apartment or via the Wi-Fi router we install for you.

We suck less®

No one wants to deal with the cable company, we understand. We don’t either, but you may start to twitch on Saturdays if you don’t have four channels of ESPN or maybe you have a kitchen utensil addiction that can only be solved by binge watching the Food Channel. Whatever the case may be, we want to be able to provide you with the services you are after so we bundle basic or expanded cable along with our internet service.